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Ep. #20 - How to Boost Your Affiliate Income w/ Ilya Lyubimov from SEMrush

42 minutes

In this special episode of Marketing Mantra, I talk to our podcast's very first guest, Ilya Lyubimov. Ilya is an affiliate manager of the SEMrush Affiliate Program; he's in charge of developing affiliate partnerships and launching new projects. SEMrush is my go-to marketing tool and their affiliate program has been a huge source of side income for me. Ilya has been my affiliate manager for over a year, and he's been one of the most proactive affiliate managers I've had the pleasure of working with. His ideas and recommendations have helped me skyrocket my affiliate income from SEMrush. For more details on my affiliate earnings, click here.

In this Q&A session, Ilya shares his views on the latest SEO trends and tells us what's next for SEMrush. He also shares his thoughts on what makes SEMrush so unique and why the company has been able to dominate the SEO software space for so long. He also shares some really cool affiliate marketing tips; so be sure to take notes. 

Really excited to have Ilya on the show and I hope you find the insights in this episode useful. 


Resources discussed in this episode:

SEMrush - Click here to visit their website

1-month free trial to SEMrush PRO (worth $49.97) - Click here 

BeRush - SEMrush's affiliate program

SEMrush Traffic Analytics - SEMrush's latest traffic analysis tool


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